“”I love listening to Sam speak. To start with she always makes me laugh but she is also so inspiring and to hear the things she has gone through and now be such a kickass business leader is just Wow! She gives you things to think about but to know she is speaking with authenticity of lived experience just makes it so much more empowering. Would highly recommend you go see her speak if you haven’t!” 

Rachel Weaven, Director, Face2Face HR, Wiltshire, UK


Samantha Jayne, is an internationally acclaimed, qualified, award-winning Spiritual Coach, healing the energy and mindset of Spiritually minded Entrepreneurs. She very honestly talks of how she bounced from boom to bust, over and over again. Spending years yo-yo-ing in this way as a self employed single mum. Doing it all alone and feeling exhausted. Something had to shift!

That shift happened in 2017, when she was yet again in the bust of a ‘bust and boom cycle’. When in her cycle of blaming everything on everyone and every situation she could find in her work and personal life. She found herself sat on a free coaching call and a penny dropped! It wasn’t the situations she was in that was the problem, it was her!

That life changing, lightbulb moment then came that if she could consistently create struggle and challenge, then she could also consistently create success by healing and transforming her mindset.

Jump forward to 2020 as the UK entered the first lockdown, Samantha Jayne lost everything and had to start again from scratch. Creating a six figure business within 3 years of doing so! She has gone onto receive 2 business awards as a Coach in 2022, and was recognised by TBE as one of Swindon and Wiltshire’s most inspiring business women in 2023. She writes often for local, national and the international press and has even been interviewed on the Jeremy Vine Show. She was listed as one of the top 15 Business Coaches in the world changing the landscape of success in CEO Weekly

Samantha now speaks and coaches around growth mindset, money mindset and how success requires us to walk the inner journey first. She talks openly and honestly about her own financial struggles, loneliness and suicidal moments. 

She is a well-known expert in blending business and spirituality to create success without selling your soul. With a direct and passionate approach, Samantha Jayne is loved for her personality and infectious laughter. In her VOICES OF LOVE TOUR she blends together mediumship and spiritual coaching in a unique way aligning in her mission to bring love and inspiration to audience members. 



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Samantha Jayne

When booking Samantha Jayne, it’s not just about hearing a story and the lesson she has learnt as a spiritual  business owner; it’s about experiencing your own transformation. With Samantha Jayne on stage, be prepared to embark on an emotional yet empowering journey. Her talks aren’t all about distant memories of her past, she stands in front of you as a beacon of light showing the way forward in all aspects of life. With a blend of her energetic presence, masterful communication, and an innate ability to inspire and motivate, she ensures every participant leaves with a fire in their heart and a shift in their mindset.

“I enlisted the help of Samantha Jayne to present to a group of 40+ PA’s this summer. Her level of professionalism along with her ability to “keep it real” far out ways other female presenters I have seen in the past 5 years. Samantha Jayne is a realist, she doesn’t sugar coat and give you the “corporate line”, she talks from her own personal life experience which is why the audience was mesmerised!

The feedback from this event and indeed others that I have hosted with Samantha Jayne being the presenter has always been positive with the audience left not only feeling empowered but most definitely wanting more!! I would highly recommend Samantha Jayne to anyone looking for a guest speaker / presenter . She is interesting, relevant and actually does have real experience unlike others in the circuit.”  Charlie Metcalfe – Director of Sales, Alexandra House.

Working in the spiritual industry for over 23 years, she has had to pivot time and time again with an ever changing business vision and model to match. Specializing in  spiritual topics ranging from knowing why our soul craves purpose, knowing the mission, to releasing fear and money mindset blocks. Samantha talks about how success is so often a painful journey but it is our attitude that choose the path we take. Samantha’s talks are a perfect blend of personal tales, business acumen, and life-changing insights.

Samantha Jayne has the ability to shift the energy of the room! With a blend of humour and her strong personality she holds the audiences attention. Watch out for a few F bombs though!

By choosing Samantha Jayne, you’re not just opting for another speaker. You’re investing in an experience. You’re championing the spirit of perseverance, commitment, and authenticity.


1. Business and money: Samantha Jayne has been in the spiritual industry as a service based business owner for over 23 years. She began by teaching meditation in the gyms of Swindon and now is the Director of a 6 figure company. Having faced such struggles and challenges as a Single Mum, in business, with no financial support, Samantha Jayne is passionate about encouraging women to talk about money, why women need to stop being afraid of success and instead create it. 

2. The Trauma Wasn’t All mine: Samantha Jayne speaks about her own personal journey and why recognising that past trauma and ancestral trauma was what was truly holding her back in her life and her business and that healing it was key to being successful.

3. Darkness into Light: She shares her own deeply emotional and personal journey of her spiritual awakening. A journey from entity attachment and suicide to living in the light. To doing what she was put here to do. 

4. Voices of Love Tour!: Samantha blends working mediumistically, bringing  messages from spirit world with spiritual coaching. Talking about the presence of spirit in her life and her business worlds. This can be tailored to a business or general audience dependant on the client’s audience.

5. The hardest gift of death: Samantha shares her very personal experience of caring for her father during his final months of passing and how his death impacted her as a Medium. 


It is my soul fuelled mission to uplift and empower women. I know first hand the silent struggles and untapped potential within each remarkable soul.

My mission is to create a sacred space where women, who may feel isolated by the echoes of their past, can rediscover their strength, resilience, and innate worth.

I am passionate about helping these incredible women repurpose their pain as a catalyst for personal and professional growth. To transmute pain into power. I do this through a spiritual approach, I help them to develop a strong sense of self-worth and self-love. Because every woman deserves a life she loves, and within the heart of her forgotten dreams lies the blueprint for a business and existence that radiates authenticity, purpose, and unwavering self-love.”


I’ve heard Samantha Jayne speak on many occasions, with great passion and knowledge. There’s always a lightbulb moment when something resonates and clicks into place. Every time I come away feeling more in tune with myself and a greater understanding of how this world works. 

Thank you Sam’. It is always an enlightening pleasure!.

Helen Breward, Hypnotherapist Trainer, Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire


My Spiritual Awakening

Samantha Jayne shares her story of her most frightening experience with spirit, her own spiritual awakening as a pregnant mother experiencing attachment.




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